About me

My name is Karl Syvert Løland and I am a software developer. I enjoy learning new things. Especially if it has to do with tech. I work as a consultant as my “day job”. And I write code on one of my ever-increasing list of hobby projects on most of my evenings and early nights.

I have been writing a operating system from scratch, and that is now in its third iteration/version. I also enjoy writing games and have lately been having fun with a few projects using Unity and Blender.

In the last few years I have been trying to give back to my local tech community by speaking at meetups and conferences. I am a board member of my local java user group. (And I do not write Java that often anymore) My go-to languages when I start one of my projects (that are most likely never finished) are: C and Python. Sometimes I use C# (, since that is my main language at work,) but I do really enjoy knowing and being productive in multiple languages.